October 2018


Why are we changing our name from Figliulo&Partners to “FIG”? I guess we feel a lot like Theistareykjarbunga.

Theistareykjarbunga, as you no doubt know, is a shield volcano in northeastern Iceland. All the other shield volcanoes in the area have easy-to-pronounce names like Grímsvötn, Bárðarbunga and Katla. Grímsvötn, Bárðarbunga and Katla are totally carefree shield volcanoes! Everyone knows how to pronounce their names! Everyone loves saying their names!

Hey, want to go to Bárðarbunga? Sure, I’d love to! Yep, Katla. Grímsvötn and Bárðarbunga are just living their best lives. But when people have to say or spell Theistareykjarbunga, it’s a burden.

Theistareykjarbunga probably lays awake at night sometimes, wishing that its name was more like Katla. Easy to say. Fun to say.

Able to say.

The only one in the area who understands what Theistareykjarbunga is going through is the largest Icelandic lava flow post glaciation: Veiðivötn Thjórsárdalur. Yep, Veiðivötn Thjórsárdalur definitely gets what Theistareykjarbunga is going through. But only to a point. Because Veiðivötn Thjórsárdalur doesn’t also have two super hard to pronounce fissure vents.

Theistareykjarbunga does. It has two hard to pronounce fissure vents. Guess what Theistareykjarbunga’s two fissure vents are called?

Well, the easier of the two to pronounce is Borgahraun. The other is Theistareykjahraun. Even among Icelandic shield volcano fissure vents, they’re particularly hard to pronounce! Poor, poor Theistareykjarbunga with the fissure vents Borgahraun and Theistareykjahraun.

Say it out loud with us: Poor, poor Theistareykjarbunga with the fissure vents Borgahraun and Theistareykjahraun.

You could shorten Theistareykjarbunga to Bunga. Maybe also shorten the fissure vents Borgahraun to Borg and Theistareykjahraun to Thies.

Do you want to go to Bunga? Sure!

Maybe we stop off to see the two fissure vents Thies and Borg? I’d love to!

See? That’s a much easier shield volcano name to say, don’t you think? Much more approachable! If someone asks you to go to Bunga, I mean, you’re totally going!

And perhaps, in the end, that’s all we’re after. We just want people to be able to pronounce our name, spell our name, enjoy saying it a little more, and when someone asks, ”Do you want to go to FIG?” you’d be more inclined to say, “Sure, I’d love to!” – same as if someone asked you, “Do you want to go Bunga?”

But – and this is where we differ from Bunga – if someone asks you “Do you want to go Bunga?”...say no. Bunga is an active volcano and you’d definitely get super-hot magma all over you.


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