A Million Happy Sleepers Sound off in Casper’s Testimonial Campaign

As a brand, Casper has managed to do the unthinkable—make mattresses cool. Everything they do has a signature charm, whimsy, and imagination, and we made sure to channel that spirit in their newest testimonial campaign.

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Since Casper launched in 2014, they’ve delivered better sleep to millions and spawned nearly as many competitors.

With the boxed mattress category getting more and more crowded, Casper needed to remind people that they’re the pioneer, the OG, the real deal. Instead of using testimonials as uninspired bottom-of-the-funnel content, Casper was looking for an engaging platform which leveraged real sentiments to position themselves as the people’s champion of great sleep.

One Story

Our campaign was designed to highlight every aspect of Casper’s impressive catalog of testimonials. Whether it’s the sheer volume of positive reviews, specific sentiments, or the diverse groups of people those reviews represent, The Mattress Everyone’s Talking About puts the customers and the things they’ve said first.

Many Voices

With so many reviews to build the campaign from, we found different ways in for different mediums. Each built off the platform The Mattress Everyone’s Talking About in channel-specific ways, creating a tightly-knit quilt of comforting, sleep-centric content that spanned TV, radio, social, and digital executions.

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