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Garrett Leight Turns Its Transactional Website into a Digital Experience

As GLCO’s digital agency for four years, FIG worked to transition the the brand’s website from a purely sales-focused experience to one that better showcased the brand’s distinctly-LA identity. A strong balance between the two helped to grow brand awareness nationwide while still driving a high-above-average conversion rate.

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Since opening its first store in 2012, Garrett Leight California Optical has had no trouble selling its frames in person, and its expansion into hundreds of celebrated retailers worldwide is certainly a reflection of that. But selling a high-end frame online is an entirely different story. With no salespeople to guide you, no discernable means of determining whether a given pair will fit, and a less tangible brand experience, product return rates and bounce rates are high. In 2014, GLCO visited from Los Angeles to see how we might build a website that would better reflect the brand’s ultra-West Coast identity while, of course, selling product.

One Story

With GLCO at the centerpoint of a distinctly-L.A. creative community, had to sell a lifestyle as much as it had to sell a product. If accomplished, the experience would feel less like shopping and more like exploring. The outcome of which would be a more emotional and therefore, longer lasting. A connection between the consumer and the brand, not to mention a higher rate of conversion. And on a more granular but no less important scale, the site had to be built in a way to support the tools that would help consumers find the perfect pair—a feat no brand had yet truly accomplished.

Many Voices

When it launched, the revamped was more than a store with a blog. Instead, we tied products, stories, social content, and brand history together, weaving them in and out of one another seamlessly on the front-end. Then, over the course of the next four years, we perfected the site piece by piece—out-of-stock email captures, shoppable stories, digital campaigns—all culminating in the rollout of a live chat function that brought the benefits of the in-store experience to the internet. In place of the convoluted, overly complex augmented reality solutions of the past, we opted for a more human interaction, and a plummeting return rate made it clear we were right.


Together, these sweeping changes had an impact across the board: overall, a 77 percent increase in online transactions, a 69 percent increase in e-commerce revenue growth, a 40 percent increase in the e-commerce conversion rate, and, thanks largely to the chat solution, a return rate that dropped from nearly half to the single digits. But our favorite part? A Soho store opening party, announced across the brand’s digital channels, that gained so much real-world traffic the New York Police Department had to close it down.

77% increase in online transactions

69% increase in e-commerce revenue growth

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