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How Indie Lee Changed the Face and Complexion of E-Commerce Cosmetics

Indie Lee hired FIG in 2018 to build upon the clean beauty brand’s steady eight years of growth—no small feat when dealing with an industry pioneer. To answer the call, FIG built a full ecosystem of firsts for the brand: an entirely new website, multi-channel creative campaign, paid media, SEO, email marketing, content strategy, and a coming-soon loyalty program.

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By 2018, nearly every category had been disrupted by the direct-to-consumer model, perhaps none more so than beauty. Indie Lee, a pioneer in clean beauty with nearly a decade of direct selling experience, was at the forefront of the revolution, but an influx of new competitors, venture capital, retailers, and technology had elevated the playing field, making for a highly competitive market in which consumer attention was almost impossible to gain and even harder to maintain. While Indie’s products remained the industry’s best, her visibility needed to catch up to her reputation.

One Story

In a direct-to-consumer, digital-first market, a complete brand ecosystem is a requirement. While Indie had a loyal social following and a lightweight website, we felt it was necessary to realize a more thorough online experience, one in which consumer discovery, education, sales, and retention would elevate Indie above the pack, then keep her there. Above all else, a new was rebuilt to provide both a frictionless sales experience and powerful enough infrastructure to support inbound and outbound sales drivers, paid media, SEO, loyalty, content marketing (email and blog), and so on which would serve as a crucial creative and technical centerpoint. From there, everything else would follow.

Many Voices

With a beautifully redesigned live, Indie’s many voices could be distributed from the website to the internet’s many corners. A refresh on original content, a redesigned email marketing program, paid media, and a new creative campaign were just the start, and they all stemmed from a single source—her online store. This allowed us to receive traffic and convert, keep it, and then bring it back, each and every time Indie had a new story or new product to share.


Though only in its infancy, Indie Lee’s new website, coupled with the brand’s first creative campaign, saw immediate results. And one, in particular, stands out: a 27 percent increase in the first month alone at a cost-per-click at half of the industry average. In the months ahead, as we worked to launch additional online and offline brand experiences, expand the website’s capabilities, and refine our media buying strategy, we expect this upward trajectory to continue.

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