Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs

Farmers Become the Stars of the Show

We pulled back the curtain and gave people access to the small family farms that make up Pete and Gerry’s network of organic egg farms across the country.

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A lot of brands are making grander and grander claims that are harder and harder to trust. But Pete and Gerry’s truly does things the right way against mass production. Their eggs come from a network of small family farms, which allows them to produce a humane, organic product.

One Story

In order for our consumers to care about organic, they had to believe in the benefit of eating organic for their family. So our job became clear, bring to life the amazing story of behind the eggs reinforcing PGO’s network of small family farms vs. the mass industrial scale farming that still calls itself organic. Our one story, “Believe in what you buy” became our rally cry to savvy wellness consumers, justifying the price and assuring the quality of our eggs. We brought our small family farms to life by letting our characterful farmers speak for themselves. By utilizing influencers and experts in the organic space we further built trust with consumers for our superior eggs through recipes development and cooking tips.

Many Voices

Our work illustrates the closeknit relationship between Pete & Gerry’s, their community of farmers and the passion and dedication that goes into delivering the best quality eggs to consumers. The campaign was executed across paid and owned social channels utilizing influencers, farmers, local foodies and culinary experts.


PGO social content has seen incredible engagement giving their community a place to interact and learn about their farmers. In just the first six months of the launch we’ve seen a 22 percent increase in Facebook subscribers, 343 percent increase in Instagram followers and a combined social video content views of over 2.3 million.

343% increase in Instagram followers

2.3mm video views

“With our Believe In What You Buy campaign the goal was to connect consumers with the hard-working farm families behind our eggs in a unique, engaging, and informative way. FIG nailed it and delivered some of our best performing social content to date."

– Paul Turbeville, Vice President of Marketing, Pete & Gerry’s Organics

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