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Two Trees Grabs New York’s Attention with a Creative Approach That Lives up to Its Buildings

In January 2016, FIG began working with Two Trees, a local New York City real estate development firm that transforms neglected, industrial areas of NYC into some of the most sought after communities. Thanks to the success of our programs over the last two years, Two Trees has now appointed us agency of record for media for both their residential and commercial book of business.

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Over half a century, Two Trees had built a name for itself as one of New York’s preeminent real estate development firms—top-tier architecture in prime neighborhoods was an easy sell in a broker-mediated market. But the internet leveled the playing field. Two Trees wasn’t up against fellow developers alone, but also residential leasing platforms like StreetEasy and Craigslist, commercial newcomers like WeWork, and even short-term newcomers like Airbnb. They had to rethink the traditional methods of broker outreach and adopt an ambitious new approach.

One Story

The solution was not as simple as a single website update but rather encompassed their entire digital ecosystem. That meant control of every point of the leasing funnel—from a consumer’s first campaign impression, whether it be on a billboard or on Instagram, through the signing of his or her lease.

By controlling each touchpoint, we were able to spot opportunities that would be lost in the gap between agencies. If a new campaign would generate more leads with a new landing page, we built a new landing page. If those leads didn’t sign leases, we’d rework our media strategy to capture an entirely new demographic. As the cycle repeated itself, each step was perfected.

Many Voices

The secret sauce is on the backend. There, each property benefits from live listing updates, tour booking, application submissions, a content management system, and data capture and analytics. While invisible to the user, who only sees the smooth and shiny surface, this structure is what makes the whole machine—the whole business of selling, really—tick.

The integration of our teams is also perfectly calibrated to react to the fickleness of the real estate market. Since our media team sits behind our creative team and next to our developers, that fickleness is advantageous: it allows us to respond to market swings in real-time, shifting our focus from one building to the next as apartment inventory opens and closes.


In the five years since our relationship began, Two Trees has leased almost 100 percent of its $4 billion in real estate, driving its media spend rapidly downward and allowing the firm to shift its focus back to truly shaping New York’s landscape. In 2017 alone, we saw a 400 percent increase in qualified leads, a 212 percent increase in paid media conversions, a 300 percent increase in organic search traffic, and finally a 4X increase in call volume.

400% increase in qualified leads

300% increase in organic search traffic

"While brand-new projects command lots of attention, the Walentas family’s Two Trees Management is enjoying a banner leasing year at three Dumbo buildings it has owned for 40 years."

– Steve Cuozzo, New York Post


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