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Uniting Consumer and Professional Audiences for ACI

Local hero ACI, based in Kansas City, is one of the country’s top 10 performing long-term investment companies. They made FIG their AOR in spring 2017, tasking them with overseeing all facets of their marketing from brand and creative to distribution. FIG’s role also extends beyond the consumer with communications to intermediaries and global institutions.

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American Century Investments had an impressive founding story, and strong performance for decades. However, postrecession, index funds and ETFs became more popular among consumers who liked the lower fees and more predictable performance. Fewer people were prepared to simply accept the advice of their brokers and advisors, so ACI had a dual challenge of standing out as a small player in a crowded, high-spending marketplace and justifying their advisory model in contrast to robo advisors and passive products.

One Story

FIG identified a shared value between ACI, the financial advisors who sold their funds and their consumer audience—all were more invested and involved than a robo advice platform or index fund. Each is personally vested in the other’s financial success and takes it upon themselves to research the best solutions. This shared mentality was “a more invested” mindset. The campaign demonstrated that value, and was able to unite professional and general audiences, as well as establish itself as a leader in the shifting financial landscape.

Many Voices

To launch this platform, we created a multi-channel campaign encompassing video, social, search and digital advertising, through B2B and B2C distribution plans. The campaign included highly targeted product campaigns that needed to reach niche audiences in paid media channels and during its marquee sponsorship event American Century Championship.


Within two months of the campaign’s launch, ACI has seen a 25 percent lift in branded searches and is projected to reach 95 percent of its target audience (source: MSW). The hero spot “Race” surpassed all benchmarks in the Ace Metrix components of Persuasion.

25% lift in branded searches

95% projected reach of target audience (source: MSW)

“The ‘Be More Invested’ campaign speaks to our high-level of engagement to help our clients succeed. It captures a mindset we share with those who believe in going further, doing more and being ‘all-in’ on the things most important in their lives.”

– Jonathan Thomas, CEO, American Century Investments


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