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Virgin Atlantic, Delta and Fig Land a Heartwarming Holiday Tale of Togetherness

Joint Venture partners Delta and Virgin celebrate their partnership and the holiday period with a surprising take on a festive brand film.

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The airline industry in recent years has become highly transactional, focusing on margin at the expense of customer satisfaction. By contrast, Delta and Virgin Atlantic’s joint venture sought to deliver a partnership that would be truly beneficial and delightful for their transatlantic travelers. After five years working towards a seamless experience, in 2017, the two airlines were finally ready not just to fly together, but to market together. FIG was briefed to deliver their first campaign in the U.K. and the U.S., to run in the Christmas holidays.

One Story

The story was built on a powerful consumer truth. A transatlantic consumer insight study showed that what people liked most about the holiday period, more than time off work and presents, was being with family and friends. Virgin Atlantic and Delta as partners could play an active role in uniting to help more people be with their loved ones at this special time of year. And so, a beautiful story was born: Together, We Make Togetherness.

Many Voices

With a goal of maximizing owned channels, film ran on both airlines’ social channels and in email communications with their loyalty programs. This gave the film an estimated reach of 50 million SkyMiles and Flying Club members. The film also ran on the airline’s internal AV system. We drove earned media through PR seeding, and boosted awareness through judicious use of paid social and short-form OLV :15 trailers.


The Prodigal Brother is an excellent way to not only showcase what matters most to people, being together during the holidays, but it also has been a very effective conversion tool both with consumers, trade and internally. The campaign produced a ROAS of $4.27 for travelers from the U.S. to the U.K., excellent for the time of year and proving it was a very effective tool driving purchase intent. Benchmarks set for trade communication unique opens were beat by 4.7 percent. Internally not only did it create excitement and alignment but also acted as a best in class example of how airline partners can come together to do wonderful things.

$4.27 return on ad spend in U.S. alone

4.7% engagement above trade comms benchmarks

“As two pioneers from either side of the Atlantic, we’re on a joint adventure to defy convention and break some marketing category rules. This is the first installment in a joint marketing strategy that has been developed by a highly collaborative marketing team from both organizations. As partners, we’re excited to co-create a better experience for our shared customers and a brighter, flying future.”

– Claire Cronin, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Virgin Atlantic


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