Vimeo Can Help.*

Vimeo’s first ever brand campaign is aimed at video creators of all stripes.

Vimeo | Strategy, Content, Film, Digital

Virgin Atlantic and Delta Pop Open Their Own Pub in the Heart of London

What better way to bring awareness to the 230 destinations Virgin Atlantic and Delta fly to in the U.S. than with a craft beer that represents each one.

Virgin Atlantic | Branding, PR, Design, Strategy, Experiential

Lies Can Become Truth If You Let Them

An alternate universe unfolds in our recent evolution of CNN’s Facts First campaign. The spot showcases a world where lies have been folded into the framework of society. It’s a message that reminds us of how easily lies can become facts, if we let them.

CNN | Branding, PR, Design, Strategy, Film

Your Football Sanctuary Is Calling

Commitments, presentations, obligations. We say, when it’s time for football, escape to football.

Buffalo Wild Wings | Branding, Strategy, Content, Film

How Bright Health Became a Bright Spot in a Dark Industry

Bright Health is a health insurance company. But like the friendly, money-saving kind. This industry shaker upper needed a campaign that would break the conventions of regular healthcare advertising, so we cast Bright customers as happy puppets—bright and feeling good about their health coverage.

Bright Health | Branding, Strategy, Content, Film, Media, PR, Digital

A Million Happy Sleepers Sound off in Casper’s Testimonial Campaign

As a brand, Casper has managed to do the unthinkable—make mattresses cool. Everything they do has a signature charm, whimsy, and imagination, and we made sure to channel that spirit in their newest testimonial campaign.

Casper | Strategy, Film, Radio, Social, Digital, Content

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